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NPB: More news on the Yokohama Bay Stars Manager Front

by on May.18, 2009 @ 8:42 pm, under NPB

According to this article, Jim Tracy appears to be high up on a list of potential candidates for the manager's seat next season. Bobby Valentine's name has also been dropped as a possibility. The Bay Stars appear to be interested in finding a foreign manager to take over the team next season.


Akihiko Ohya never got a chance to say goodbye to team officials and players after he was informed by the Bay Stars to "take a long vacation." He did, however, apologize to some 40-odd journalists for not being able to provide them with stories of the team winning.

Kuniaki Sasaki, Club President, broke the news to the team on Monday after the press conference.


The last time a manager was removed in fewer than 40 games was back in 2003 when the Orix Blue Wave went 7-12-1 and Hiromichi Ishige was ousted. The last time it happened in Yokohama was in 1992 when Yutaka Sudo was manager and the team was 7-15 though the season's first 22 games.


Various comments from managers around baseball:

Managers are important in baseball, but even more important is the front office. All the different levels of the organization must work together. You don't get much respect being a manager. Anything that goes wrong is the manager's fault. The person that hired Ohya was the club president, right? I think they're putting the blame on the wrong person.
- Katsuya Nomura, Rakuten Eagles Manager

It's tough being told to take a long vacation at a time like this. Ohya has a lot of respect for the game. I'm sure he'll be back again soon.
- Tatsunori Hara, Yomiuri Giants Manager

The only thing I can say is, take a breather, you deserve it.
- Hiromitsu Ochiai, Chunichi Dragons Manager

The results were bad last season, but it's not like the team was so far back in the standings this season. It's really too bad. We've been beaten by them this season, so I think they can be a tough team to beat.
- Shigeru Takada, Yakult Swallows Manager

Seems a little fast. I wonder if maybe health had something to do with it. Things can be tough when the results aren't good.
- Akinobu Mayumi, Hanshin Tigers Manager

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  1. knucklehead7

    Jim Tracy would be an interesting pick given how he departed Japan as a player in 1984.