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NPB: Higashide records 200th sac hit; Tigers pushing for new foreign player

by on May.21, 2009 @ 4:53 am, under NPB


...The Tigers may be making a decision on which foreigner player to go after at some point this week.


...Akihiro Higashide recorded his 200th sac hit against the Orix Buffaloes last night. Kozo Shouda (282) and Ryozo Yamasaki (217) are the only other two players in club history to top 200 sac hits.


...Comments from Katsuya Nomura after yesterday's game:

On Tanaka's solid start...
He threw a great game. You'll get no complaints from me.

On holding the Swallows off in the 7th...
Hey, it was Aoki that hit the double so you what can you do? He was a player on the WBC team. Of course, Ma-kun was as well.

On Masato Nakamura swinging at a ball out of the zone for a sac fly...
That's one of his specialties. Maybe the catcher didn't know about it? He likes that pitch. He's Tensai Bakabon (a Japanese manga character). He does things I can't even fathom.

There were some fans in attendance to catch Yoshinori's start...
I'm sure the fans came to watch him pitch against Ma-kun, but it must have been difficult them. I'm sure they wanted Yoshinori to toss a good game. In any case, I'm glad that the game turned out to be a good one.

Yoshinori tossed a good game...
Based on some information I've heard, it seems like he wanted to come to Rakuten, right? If he came here, we would have had a really good pitching staff.

On your first Inter-league win this season...
I'm glad we didn't lose consecutive games. Inter-league series' are only 2 games, so it can be a little difficult. 1-1 isn't too bad.


...The Hawks will sport special, limited edition uniforms for three games between 7/20 and 7/22. The special edition uniform is dark blue in color and has 2 white stripes running along the top of the shoulders. Stripes on the front of the jersey are supposed to represent the scratch marks of a hawk. Fans in attendance will receive replicas of the uniform.

The special limited edition uniform.

...Munenori Kawasaki stole 2 bases last night and now has 11 on the season. That gives him 7 consecutive seasons of 10+ stolen bases.

...It was Sadaharu Oh's 69th birthday yesterday.


...Eri Yoshida is trying to stay positive about the current financial situation regarding the Kansai Independent Leagues. Here's a snip from her recent blog update:

And, I think some of you may be worried after reading the news lately... I intend to continue working hard so please continue to root for me.

Including myself, the entire Kobe 9 Cruise team will not give up our dreams!

Even if it's only a little... I really want to continue showing you my progress.

Incidentally, there have also been rumors that Yoshida might be demoted to Ikusei status in an effort to cut back on salaries (she's getting paid 1.8M yen and demoting her would cut her salary by 50%). Being hurt also doesn't help Yoshida's situation any.

The Kansai Independent League is facing tough times ahead.

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  1. knucklehead7

    Interesting concept with the hawk marks. I’ve never been a big fan of the Hawks’ uniforms, but I kind of like this jersey.

  2. Unregistered

    That’s a cool-looking jersey, yes. It looks better than what they’re currently wearing. The current uniforms, for it’s color scheme, doesn’t impart ‘Hawks’ to me, makes me think of ‘Bees’ instead.