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Chiba Marine Stadium

by on May.25, 2009 @ 9:57 am, under NPB

A couple of shots of the outside of the stadium.

And now for some photos from inside the stadium.

Here's a shot of the jumbotron out in center field.

This is a shot of enemy territory (left field seats). The second level you see has some tables and chairs and is called the Standard Deck Seats.

This is a shot down the first base side. The section underneath the overhang is the Marines' Bar Magic Open Deck Seats (that area where the guy is holding a checkered race flag).

This is a view of the seats behind home plate, but toward the third base side. That area with gray dividers you see is home to the Picnic Box Seats.

And here is a nice panoramic view of the stadium near my seat.

There are shots I took of the outside of the stadium after the game. This is a of the Marines Museum and Gift Shop building, located to the right of the front entrance (if you're walking towards the front entrance).

This final shot is of the area pretty much right in front of the front entrance. I guess they hold special events underneath the tent. On Saturday, they were holding a special promo with Orion Beer (from Okinawa).

And no, that isn't a picture of me. I have no idea who that guy is. He just happened to turn around when I took the photo. I blotted out his face for privacy concerns.

For those, and a couple others that I didn't post here, check out my Chiba Marine Stadium album.

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