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NPB: Tateyama wins his 12th consecutive game; Gonzalez w/ 34.2 innings and no walks

by on May.28, 2009 @ 11:43 pm, under NPB


...Hiromitsu Ochiai (Chunichi manager) was thrown out of a game last night because he caused a delay when he argued with the plate umpire over a safe / out call at home plate for over 5 minutes.

FYI: The rule was introduced on January 27, 2005 during a 12 Team Manager's Meeting.


...Craig Brazell took 83 cuts during his first BP session in a Tigers' uniform and hit 14 over the fences, 6 of which went to dead center. Brazell could be ready to play by June 5th when the Tigers take on Orix at Koshien.

...Tomoaki Kanemoto hit his 30th career Inter-league home run last night against the Lions.


...Ryuji Miyade was taken off the active roster after fouling a ball off his left big toe.

...Comments from Katsuya Nomura after the game:

On Wada's walk-off home run...
The ball sure does fly. I wish I was playing now. It's like he only tapped it. Was it a ball? That isn't baseball. Oh well. We still can't score runs. They only got me excited for a brief moment. Looks like we've got more Rakuten buns... We over-produced them.

On the team have a tough time against Yoshimi...
The information and the image we had of him was different. We thought he'd come in throwing fastballs, but instead he kept on throwing the fork. Today we just didn't have the right information.

On tying the game in the 9th...
We've got to go for the kill there. We were able to get a run on Uchimura's fast legs, but for a vet like Nori to tense up and hit a weak grounder like that... That's just sad. What we needed was a fly ball, so he should have been able to power the ball a little more than that. This is all the result of the players not using their heads and trying different things out to make things happen.


...Shohei Tateyama won his 12th consecutive game, setting a new club record that was previously held by Masaichi Kaneda (11 wins between 1957-58).


...Toshihisa Nishi will likely be called up to Ichi-gun today. He has also asked the media to stay away from the topic of his retirement because he doesn't want it to become a big deal in the clubhouse,


...Dicky Gonzalez has now gone 34.2 consecutive innings without giving up a walk.

...Michihiro Ogasawara and Alex Ramirez homered in the same game for the third time this season.

...Micheal Nakamura should be back in Japan on the 30th. He'll most likely practice with the Ni-gun before being added to the Ichi-gun roster.

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