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NPB: Waseda’s Saito learning the knuckleball?; Brazell continues to prepare

by on May.30, 2009 @ 4:14 am, under NPB


...Hiromitsu Ochiai was given a stern warning by the Commissioner's Office for his ejection due to a delay of game on the 28th against the Rakuten Eagles.


...Craig Brazell took some fly balls in the outfield during practice on the 29th (this coming after working out at first during Ni-gun practice). Brazell also took 44 swings during batting practice and hit 4 over the fence.

...It's still early but: The Tigers have listed Hanamaki Higashi High School pitcher Yusei Kikuchi (菊池雄星), Kei University pitcher Nobuaki Nakabayashi (中林伸陽), and Hosei University pitcher Kazuhito Futagami (二神一人) as player's to watch in a list that contains about 250 prospects.


...Sho Nakata hits his first double of his career and suddenly the media is comparing him to the likes of Shigeo Nagashima and Sadaharu Oh. How, you ask? Nakata hit his first extra base hit in his 7th at bat. Nagashima hit his (a double as well) in his 10th plate appearance; Oh (a homer) in his 27th plate appearance.

Sure, let's just pile more pressure on the kid.

BTW: he apparently went from 105kg (231 pounds) last season to 89kg (196 pounds) this season.

...Shota Ohno's home run off Daisuke Miura in last night's game against Yokohama was the first of his career.


...Shinji Shimoyama was removed from the active roster on the 30th due to pain in his right shoulder. A hospital visit on the 29th revealed inflammation in his right rotator cuff. Shimoyama will likely miss a couple of weeks.


...Hisashi Iwakuma was seen playing some light catch during the team's off-day on the 29th. He also spent some time giving Kohei Hasebe advice on how to throw a curve.

With the Eagles / Hiroshima game getting rained out today, Iwakuma will likely start tomorrow's game against Kan Ohtake. Should be a good match-up.


...Yuki Saito held a bullpen session on the 29th in preparation of his start on the 30th. Of the 50 pitches he threw, 10 of them were apparently knuckleballs.