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NPB: Iwata ready for Ichi-gun?; Hawks wear pink ribbons on their left shoulder

by on May.31, 2009 @ 3:06 am, under NPB


...There are no immediate plans to promote Minoru Iwata to Ichi-gun. It would appear as if they are interested in making sure that he's 100% before putting him back in the rotation. Plus, the Tigers are currently using a 5-man rotation so they aren't quite as desperate for starting pitching as they were prior to Inter-league play. There's also his previous start where he gave up 5 wild pitches.

But this report declares Iwata as being ready for a call-up at any time.

Said Kiyooki Nakanishi (Ni-gun pitching coach), "He had his stuff going for him... Today was probably his best start. And it isn't like the other team was able to hit him hard. If he can throw like this, he should be more than ready for Ichi-gun."

...Craig Brazell took 95 swings during batting practice on Saturday and hit 12 over the fence. The report also mentions that he may not be taking any time off when his expecting wife delivers their second baby in September (his wife will likely return to the US at some point in July).

Said Brazell, "For the time being, the only thing in my mind is to go out and play. I just want to focus on baseball right now."


...Katsuya Nomura offers some marital advice to Marty Brown:

Nomura: Congratulations on getting married!

Brown: Thank you. But I wish someone could have told me sooner that Japanese women are really strict.

Nomura: Does she have complete control over you? I tend to think that marriages go better when the women are stronger. That's how it is at my house. It's a key ingredient to a happy marriage.

Brown: Oh, I see (while laughing).


...As part of breast cancer awareness program (Pink Ribbon Campaign), Softbank players will play with a pink ribbon pinned to their left shoulders today. Every base, other than home plate, at today's game will also be pink. The bases will be auctioned off at the end of the game and the proceeds will be donated to a charity called Happy Mama.

...Hitoshi Tamura's home run yesterday was his first in 413 days (April 13, 2008 vs the Seibu Lions at Yahoo Dome).