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NPB: Kansai Independent League raises 1.2M yen; A Greisinger demotion?

by on Jun.02, 2009 @ 4:48 am, under Independent, NPB


...Nobumasa Fukuda hit four doubles in a Ni-gun game against Orix on Tuesday (6/2). The four doubles in one game tied a Western League record.


...Craig Brazell will be making his Ni-gun debut on Tuesday (6/2) as the starting first baseman hitting in the 4 hole.

...The Tigers are hoping to get Minoru Iwata back at Ichi-gun before the end of Inter-league play. That means he could be back with the parent club as soon as May 7th. (The Tigers would like to get a "fresh" for the rotation and he would be the best option at this point.)

...Jet balloons may be allowed back at Koshien Stadium as early as May 5th.


...Sho Nakata apparently has 6 more games to show Masataka Nashida that he belongs at Ichi-gun. Why 6 games? Because that's when Terrmel Sledge will be available to return to the Ichi-gun rosters.

I'm guessing this means Nakata will most likely be sent down to Ni-gun unless he absolutely tears it up over the next 6 games. But with the way the team has been limiting his ABs, that'll be pretty difficult for him to do.


...Katsuya Nomura's comments after yesterday's loss:

On not being able to get that key hit...
I'm used to that already. We have a disease on this team that keeps players from getting the big hits. I wonder what we should do. Is it the DNA? Hmm... [In the 7th] with 2 out and runners on second and third and Kusano up to bat, I thought we had a good chance, but even our go-to-guy appears to have caught the disease.

On this season's first 3-game losing streak...
This is our third loss today? Last year we did alright through June, but I guess the team's true colors are coming out a bit faster than last year. My birthday is in June (6/29). It's a pretty ominous start to the month. I wonder if we'll manage to stay above .500 until my birthday. We're up 2 games over .500 right now, right? Doesn't look good... Being a manager is a lonely business. Can't hit? The manager's fault. Can't win? The manager's fault. I feel like my heart's gonna stop at any minute. I want someone to give me a cardiac massage every day.


...Tsuyoshi Wada was removed from the active roster on Tuesday due to inflammation in his left elbow. There is currently no set timetable for his return. Wada did have surgery on his left elbow in November of 2007.


...The Swallows may turn to 40-year-old Masao Kida to temporarily fill-in for Yoshinori Sato, who was removed from the active list following a start in which he popped a blister on his right hand.


...Hayato Terahara is slated to appear in a Ni-gun game some time during the weekend (most likely the 6th), his first appearance since being taken off the active roster on May 3rd due to pain in his left elbow.


...Unless Seth Greisinger manages to turn things around, his next start could come at Ni-gun. The righty has given up 26 runs over his last 6 starts (35.1 inning).


...The Kansai Independent League announced that they've been able to collect about 1.2M yen (about $12,400) in donations.

  • 5/24 - 212,257yen during an exhibition game
  • 5/25 - 368,000yen during a bar association meeting
  • 5/29 - 615,670yen during a game where Eri Yoshida made an appearance
  • Total - 1,195,927yen

...Former Kintetsu coach Teruo Iko (伊香輝男) passed away on June 1st due to complications from liver cancer. He was 75 years old. Iko was an outfielder with Kintetsu for 12 seasons before becoming a coach after retirement.

 G    AB    R    H   HR  RBI  SB  AVG
909  1513  111  375  10  142  12  .248

0 comments on “NPB: Kansai Independent League raises 1.2M yen; A Greisinger demotion?

  1. knucklehead7

    I still think that you are right that having Nakata sit on the bench isn’t the best thing for his development. Hopefully for him this means he’ll be going back down where he can play regularly.

  2. Gwynar

    The gist I get from reading various news sources is that the team doesn’t feel as if he’s mentally ready yet. Some of the veteran players and coaches are mentioning how Nakata is focusing too much on the results and not on the process (something that tends to be important in Japanese society).

    It almost seems like the only reason why they called him up was to keep Sledge’s open roster spot warm.