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NPB: Suguru Egawa on the Lotte Marines

by on Jun.09, 2009 @ 1:27 pm, under NPB

Found this interview with Suguru Egawa over at Yukan Fuji and thought it might be of some interest.


Any new developments?
It isn't like I've been contacted by Lotte. It's just what you read in the papers, I really have nothing to say. That's the truth and there has been no change.

When people think of Egawa, they think of the Giants...
I've said it on TV, but I do have a dream to manage the Giants.

Any chances of donning a uniform from a different team?
Right now? No. But then I may never get a shot from the Giants either. So, I don't really know.

Have you ever thought of taking any opportunities that might come your way?
I haven't really considered managing any team other than the Giants.

Fans appear to be interested in seeing you become a manager...
I work in baseball, so if I were to get an offer to manage, I'd be really grateful. But the fact is, I haven't received any offers.

What's your connection with Lotte?
There is none. I have no idea why my name is even being mentioned?

What your image of Lotte?
I've known about them since their days in Kawasaki and Ochiai was part of the team. Since moving to Chiba, I think they've managed to put together a really nice team. But that's about it. I have nothing else.

When Horiuchi left his post in 2005 and you ended up in the running for the next manager, you mentioned wanting to be informed as early as possible because of your responsibilities to your TV show...
That's still the case now.

Have you ever received any offers from teams other than the Giants and declined?

Just one more time for the record, in your mind, are the Giants still the only team for you?
Right now, my feelings about the Giants remain unchanged.


Seems to me like he really doesn't have much of an interest in managing the Marines...

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  1. knucklehead7

    After the way the Marines’ management has handled the Valentine situation, I can’t say I blame anyone that is wary of working there.