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NPB: Tigers owner offers his support for Mayumi; Shh… No questions on Nakata

by on Jun.13, 2009 @ 2:12 pm, under NPB


...Yuki Karakawa was taken off the active roster due to tightness in his right elbow.

Said Bobby Valentine, "He was feeling a little tired so we've decided to give him some rest.

...Only a formality: the Marines have created a list of 125 amateur players they'll be keeping their eyes on for this year's draft. On the top of that list are pitchers Yusei Kikuchi and Kazuhito Futagami.


...Tigers owner Shinya Arai offered his words of support to his struggling manager, Akinobu Mayumi. He even went so far as to say that "When the time comes for the manager to leave, it will also be time for me to leave. Personally, I want him to stick around for a year, 2 years, 5 years, even 10 years."


...Media members were told not to talk / ask about Sho Nakata anymore. Why? Masataka Nashida apparently feels that anything he says to the media will be picked up by the sensitive Nakata and that that will work against him.

This is getting really ridiculous though. He's wasting away on the bench when he could be down at Ni-gun playing everyday, honing his skills.


... Alex Cabrera could be restarting batting practice any day now and may also be added to the Ichi-gun roster at the same time.

Said Daijiro Ohishi, "He said that as long as he doesn't feel any pain, it would be alright to add him to the Ichi-gun roster. He's even said that he doesn't intend on playing in any Ni-gun games anyway, so if he's capable of swinging the bat... Of course, if it turns out he can't, we won't push him either.


...The Eagles have signed AAA outfielder Todd Linden to a contract. The Eagles are hoping Linden can help provide some pop to an offense that has been struggling for most of the season. Linden was batting .312 with 7 home runs, 17 doubles and 42 RBIs with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. No further information is available.

...Kazuya Fukumori took his try-out on Saturday under the watchful eyes of Ichi-gun Head Coach Hideki Hashigami and Pitching Coach Yoshinori Sato and threw about 30 pitches off the mound. Fukumori is slated to throw with a batter standing in the batter's box on Sunday.

Said Fukumori, "Without a batter standing in the batter's box, I can't get the adrenaline flowing and so now I'll have a chance to throw with someone standing in."

If he passes the try-out, the team intends to add him to the roster without taking him in as an Ikusei player first.

Incidentally, the headlines now read, Nomura "lost out to tears." Fukumori apparently teared up during his meeting with team brass on Thursday night and moved Nomura.

Here are some quotes:

"He looked like he was about to cry."

"I'm a sucker for emotion... It's probably my one weakness."

"He's lost his job so he's in a tough spot. I was kind of emotional when I said those things on Wednesday, but the fact is, since he left, we've had a gaping hole in the closer's position. I think the most important position on the team are your ace, your clean-up hitter, and your closer.


...Akira Eto recorded his 1,000th run scored on Saturday in a game against the Hiroshima Carp in the second inning. He becomes only the 35th player to reach the milestone.


...Tsuyoshi Wada returned to Japan on Saturday after being diagnosed with inflammation in his left elbow. He will begin rehab shortly and team officials hope that he'll be ready to return to the team before the end of the month.


...Michihiro Ogasawara played in his 1,500th career game on Saturday. He went 0-for-4 with a strike out and also made an error in the field.

...Marc Kroon was diagnosed with a dislocated protractor muscle in his middle finger on his left hand on Saturday. The team has decided that it would be best for Kroon to undergo surgery to get it repaired. Reports currently indicate that it will take Kroon about 3-weeks for a full recovery. Throw in rehab and he could be back sometime during the second-half of the season.

...Female Figure Skater Mai Asada (Mao Asada's older sister) will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on the 30th when the Giants face off against the Hiroshima Carp in Gifu.

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  1. knucklehead7

    I remember when Linden transferred to LSU from Washington after having a big summer playing on the Cape, and then ended up getting drafted in the supplemental round of the ’01 draft. He even cracked Baseball America’s top 100 list of prospects in 2003. He’s put up some solid OBP numbers to go with decent pop, but he also strikes out quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how he does in Japan.

  2. Gwynar

    I think the fact that Norihiro Nakamura didn’t pan out the way they had hoped forced the Eagles to go out and find a power bat. (Leaving Yamasaki as the only real power threat in the line-up.)

    Well, they also have Seguignol, but they demoted him back in May because he was struggling at the plate.