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NPB: Ryota Igarashi earns his International FA rights

by on Jun.15, 2009 @ 5:58 pm, under NPB


...Tomoyuki Kubota could be re-joining the parent club as early as the 26th when the Tigers play the Yokohama Bay Stars. In preparation for that, Kubota will be making a start against Ni-gun Chunichi on the 16th.

...Craig Brazell was in the Koshien clubhouse on Monday getting his knees checked out. And for now, the trainers have given him the green light to play in today's game against the Nippon Ham Fighters. Brazell fouled a couple of pitches off his knees in the top of the 7th against Shingo Ono and the Chiba Lotte Marines on the 13th.

...Club President Nobuo Minami said that "the front office needs to be straightened. Starting with me. We need to have a better sense of the dangers and tensions that surrounds this team. Just saying that 'things are bound to change' isn't good enough any more. ... It's a little pathetic. Simple misses, lack of concentration, there seems to be a lot of plays where it doesn't look like they have any energy. The players have to pull themselves together and make the fundamental plays."

...The re-introduction of jet balloons at Koshien Stadium has been pushed back to the 26th. There were some talks of the balloons coming back on the 20th, but there are still some concerns about spreading the Swine Flu.


...Katsuya Nomura is going to turn into a manga character. A new manga, aimed at businessmen, called "Ask Nomu-san! A Handbook on How to Live Life Like Baseball," will be published by PHP Books and will be available at bookstores in Japan on July 2nd for 1,260yen.

Said Nomura, "I'm going to make an appearance in a manga. It isn't a manga about baseball, but kind of more like an instructional handbook for people about life. ... I think I've been writing too many books lately. But it seems like they sell whenever I come up with something new..."


...Ryota Igarashi earned his International FA rights on the 15th.


...With Marc Kroon on the disabled list and Micheal Nakamura getting demoted, Daisuke Ochi will likely get another chance as the team's closer.

...Micheal Nakamura was taken off the active roster on Monday due to poor performance.

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