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NPB: Katsuya Nomura post-game interview from 6/14/2009

by on Jun.17, 2009 @ 1:42 am, under NPB

What? A comment?

The Chair Batting Method Explodes! What about that?

It's when you swing entirely with your upper body. Maybe it comes from their lifestyles? Little by little, we become more and more American. American players have strong upper bodies so they can afford to swing with their upper bodies. Back in the day, we all relied on our lower bodies... Nowadays it's very difficult to find players that make good use of their lower bodies.

The team stole 5 bases today and showed us a running attack...
The things we practiced during training camp really came out well today. If you take away Kusano's "boneheaded" play [in the fourth when he was thrown out running] it would have been a perfect day.

Was that a disguised squeeze play by Nishitani in the 5th?
Yep, that went exactly the way we wanted it.

Iwakuma's won his first game in a month...
He hadn't won in that long? Him? If that's how the aces pitches, the team is bound to arc downwards [in the standings].

The ace won the team's third straight...
We need to pay back on the loan we borrowed.
*In Japan, when teams are over .500 they say that they are "saving" games. Conversely, when they are under .500 they say they are "taking out a loan" on games.

It's been a year since the quakes and there was a moment of silence prior to the game...
Wonder if we got some support from heaven. There's not much we can do as a team other than to win in their memories.