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Various comments from Katsuya Nomura regarding the Hanshin Tigers

by on Jun.20, 2009 @ 3:14 pm, under NPB

Some Katsuya Nomura quotes, from various links (1, 2, 3), about playing the Tigers. (All of these came prior to Saturday night's game.)

This is the first game you've played since the renewal...
The inside hasn't really changed, but the stands seem to have changed quite a bit. Those [Yearly Royal Box Seats up there] cost 10M yen for 10 seats. I heard they sold out on those.

Do you think Brazell might still be upset about the pitch from Kitani last year that hit him in his head?
What does he look like again? He has a tough time with the inside pitches, right? Then you obviously want to attack him inside. But seriously, would a right-handed pitcher purposely throw at a left-handed hitter's head? That's a pretty difficult target, for both the pitcher and the batter.

On Fukumori's contract...
Hmm... Well, let's have him work-out at Ni-gun.

On holding off on calling Norihiro Nakamura back up to Ichi-gun...
I heard he's feeling great. But then he was never sent down because he wasn't feeling well. He needs to change the way he's thinking. It might be difficult, but he needs to throw away his old name.


On possibly being the team that hands the Tigers a loss that puts them 10 games under .500 for the first time since he himself managed the Tigers in 2001...
Not since me? Well that means we have to try and win tomorrow (6/20). That's back when I had Keiichi Yabu and Tetsuro Kawajiri pitching for me.

On hearing the Tigers had the highest payroll this season...
Hanshin has the highest payroll? You mean more than Kyojin? They're like an MLB team. As long as the team doesn't become meja-meja*. I don't care how good they are, that's an awful lot of money. You lose that hungry spirit. Even the Giants are starting to focus more on bringing up their own players.

* it's a play on words in Japanese that sounds like the word "major" in Major League Baseball but means "messed up."


On Brazell...
It looks like he has a lot of solo homers. And maybe they've also come after the game was more or less decided. That isn't much of any help.