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NPB: Katsuya Nomura post-game interview from 6/21/2009

by on Jun.21, 2009 @ 10:09 pm, under NPB

Post-game interview from 6/21/2009 when the Hanshin Tigers beat the Eagles 4-2.


I made a mistake. My mistake was my choice in relievers. With a 3 run deficit we came back and scored 2 runs so I should have gone with Koyama instead of Childers. Speaking of Chiru-chiru-michiru (Childers), he hasn't really been much of a help.

On the rookie Fujiwara giving up 3 runs in 4 inning...
He has no pro skills. He has no velocity, no control, no breaking pitches. You can't let hitters get the best of you when you get ahead of the count. But it's his first start so I'll let it go.

On going 9-15 during Inter-league play...
We lost quite a bit. 6 games under? Whew... We used up all our savings. Saving up can be really difficult but using it is really easy.

On the regular season starting up again...
Iwakuma is on the top of the list. People who make a lot of money need to earn it. Low salary players contributing here and there aren't going to make this team stronger.

Today is Father's Day. Each of the 12 baseball clubs selected one person to receive their Best Father Award, you, with all your "baseball children," were selected from Rakuten...
I can understand if it was for Best Geezer. [In terms of] growing the youngsters? If it's for that I'll gladly accept.