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Yukan Fuji Interviews Ryota Igarashi (includes his thoughts on FA and Majors)

by on Jun.25, 2009 @ 4:46 am, under NPB

What are your thoughts on free agency?
I haven't really thought much about it yet. I have no idea how I'll feel once the season ends. The things I say tend to change from day to day. So I really don't want to say something now that might change later on. I held off on excercising my national FA rights last time. And that also included my thoughts on overseas as well.

Since you didn't excercise your FA rights last time, it was just assumed you weren't interested in becoming a FA in Japan.
I'd like to hear what the other clubs think of me. Knowing that I'm wanted makes me good about mysef. And regardless of how much I want to go somewhere, if they don't need me then it probably isn't worth it.

So if there were a team in Japan that really wanted you, more than a team in the Majors, you'd go to that team in Japan?

Suguru Egawa coached you a little during spring training this year and now there are rumors he might be offered a job with the Marines (located in your home town). Would you consider them?
I think someone else mentioned this to me before. But I've heard that Yasuhiko Yabuta (Royals) and Masahide Kobayashi (Indians) could be returning to Lotte at some point.

Your desire for playing in the Major...
I think almost every baseball player thinks about playing in the majors. All the top players are there and only a select few can play. I think that's the appeal.

On things going well right now...
Things weren't very good for me before my surgery (2006). And I wasn't really able to do my job over the three years after that.

The timing for attaining your FA rights couldn't have been better...
FA rights are certainly 1 motivating factor. And the team has been doing well too.

The ballclub is trying come up with a name for the trio of Chang-Yong Lim, Ryota Igarashi, and Kenichi Matsuoka, but that trio might end up breaking up...
If the ballclub tried to look to far into the future before doing things, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

Has Yakult contacted you after you attained your [International] FA rights?
Nope, not a word. Do players usually get contacted by the club?

If you were to go on the market now, you'd be able to pull in a big contract.
Perhaps. But the economy isn't in good shape right now. If you know something that might be of help to me, please tell me.