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The cost of running a baseball team in Japan

by on Jul.01, 2009 @ 3:00 am, under NPB

Noticed an interesting article being carried by Reuters titled, "Costs squeeze profits at Japan's baseball teams."

An interesting point from the article:


U.S. baseball teams typically own stadiums or get subsidized access to public facilities but most Japanese teams hire venues at commercial rates, often from private investors.

The Softbank Hawks (from the article) apparently pay 4.8B yen a year to the owners of the Yahoo Dome every year. That's big chunk of cash. Throw in the 2.8B in player salaries for 2009, and that's already 7.6B yen in expenses.

Incidentally, the Nikkei is reporting that the Hawks have reported their fourth straight quarter of being in the red (3.1B yen this past quarter). They put part of the blame on dwindling attendance.

In any case, if you've wanted to know a little more about how Japanese teams operate, I highly recommend you check the article out.

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