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Around the NPB Horn: Central League to get video replay on HR calls

by on Jul.06, 2009 @ 11:40 am, under NPB


...The Hawks announced that they have signed outfielder Drew Toussaint to an Ikusei contract and that he will be joining the Ni-gun team on Tuesday. He was given the number 126.


...The Central League Board of Directors held a meeting on Monday and decided that they will allow the use of video replays on questionable home run calls starting on August 11th. Replay footage will be used when the chief umpire determines that they are needed.

...If it were up to the NPB, they would get rid of the Asia Series and put through their concept of a Japanese / Korea Championship Series. Unfortunately both Taiwan and China are still very much interested in keeping the Asia Series alive. So while the NPB has moved steps closer to canceling the Asia Series, they decided to hold off on making any final decision until their next Executive Committee Meeting.

The Asia Series was 200M yen in the red last year and the NPB is trying to figure out if it should continue to hold the Asia Series.

The All-Star Game could also be scrapped, but for now, there will be one next season.

...The Kansai Independent League announced on Monday that they will hold a 3-game series in October (3rd, 4th, 10th) called the Championship Cup. The Championship Cup will pit the team with the best record from the First and Second half of the seasons. If the same team finishes in first in both halves of the season, there will be no Championship Cup.

The KIL also said that they are will to pay their old management company Stella 500,000yen for team equipment instead of the previously billed 22M yen. The amount was determined based on a number of things, including the 30M yen dividend Stella was supposed to pay each club, but failed to.