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Tokyo Big 6 2009 Hawaii Rosters

by on Jul.08, 2009 @ 12:44 am, under College

The Tokyo Big 6 will be sending a group of players to Hawaii to play 4 games between August 5th and August 11th. It will be the first time in 10 years that the Tokyo Big 6 has sent a group of players overseas.

Team Leader
Norihito Sato            Tokyo Big 6 Board Chairman

Koji Kanemitsu           Hosei University Manager

Atsuyoshi Otake          Waseda University Manager
Tatsuya Yoshinami        Meiji University Manager

Public Relations
Masayuki Naito           Tokyo Big 6 Head Secretary

Team Management
Hayato Seki              Hosei University Rep


Uniform Player University
18 Kazuhito Futagami Hosei University
29 Junpei Komuro Keio University
1 Yuki Saito Waseda University
14 Yuya Fukui Waseda University
15 Tatsuya Ohishi Waseda University
11 Yusuke Nomura Meiji University
23 Gota Nanba Meiji University
11 Kenta Matsushita Waseda University


Uniform Player University
10 Shuhei Ishikawa* Hosei University
20 Ryota Yasuda Meiji University


Uniform Player University
8 Masatoshi Matsumoto Hosei University
7 Shota Waizumi Hosei University
10 4 Yuta Tohyama Meiji University
5 Hitoshi Fuchigami Keio University
6 Fumiya Araki Meiji University
32 Shuhei Iwasaki Tokyo University


Uniform Player University
24 Shingo Kamegai Hosei University
8 26 Daisuke Ikarashi Rikkyo University
10 25 Yosuke Yamakawa Waseda University
21 Hiroki Kojima Waseda University
3 Soichiro Tanaka Rikkyo University

* Team captain