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NY Times: Bobby Valentine vs Marty Brown

by on Jul.11, 2009 @ 10:29 pm, under NPB

The Times is running an interesting piece on Bobby Valentine and Marty Brown. The article basically compares the two managers and their styles and, without saying so directly, seems to approve of the way Brown is handling his managerial career with the Carp.

That experience set him apart from other foreign managers when he returned to Japan to manage the Carp in 2006, two years after Baseball America named him minor league manager of the year with the Class AAA Buffalo Bisons. Like other foreigners before him, Brown initially tried to trim some of the long pregame throwing sessions, the practices on off-days and the parade of meetings. But he backed off when he realized that he was hired not to upend the routine, only to nudge the team forward.

The experience the article refers to is the 3 years Brown spent with the Carp between 1992 and 1994. He didn't exactly knock the cover off the ball (3 Years, 257 G, .256, 235 H, 50 HR, 165 RBI), but he did go through all the motions as a player.

He was known for a gutsy style of play that endeared him to the team's long-suffering fans. He also lived through the brutal regimen of practices and meetings that are legendary in Japan, particularly in Hiroshima.

On the other hand, you have Bobby.

...the volatile Valentine, who is known for shaking up the status quo, to the more subtle Brown, who is willing to work within Japanese traditions.

Unlike Valentine, 59, who has basked in the limelight he helped create by turning the Marines into winners...

The article also includes a little sniper action from Hiroshima fans.

"It's not like Bobby, who is held on high," said Yu Murota, 29, a Carp fan who lives in Chiba, standing below the left-field bleachers at Chiba Marine Stadium. "Brown is in it together with us."

Whether or not Belson has anything against Bobby, I have no idea, but the article itself is well worth a read.