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Around the NPB Horn: Kyuji Fujikawa’s drops an 82km/h curve

by on Jul.18, 2009 @ 6:30 am, under NPB


...Kyuji Fujikawa unveiled a new pitch that he's been working on last night: a slow curve. The pitch was apparently clocked at 82km/h. Compare that his fastball that tops 150km/h and batters might have a tough time in the batter's box against Fujikawa.


...Fernando Seguignol was given a stern warning and fined 50,000yen for kicking dirt on home plate after being called out on strikes last night.

...Friday Shock! Or at least that's what Yukan Fuji has attributed to Masahiro Tanaka's recent no-win streak. For those that don't know, Friday is a gossip magazine in Japan and they were the ones to get the scoop on Tanaka entering and leaving a woman's apartment in early June. And it just so happens that Tanaka has not won a start since he beat the Chunichi Dragons on June 11th.


...Yukan Fuji asks, when will the word interim in front of interim manager be taken out for Tomio Tashiro? According to the article, it wouldn't be as easy making Tashiro the manager because it would require the team explain what happened to Akihiko Ohya. If you'll remember, Ohya is supposedly on "a break" away from the team (not fired, just hanging in baseball limbo). If Tashiro becomes manager, Ohya will have to be fired and the Bay Stars may not want to deal with that until after the season ends.

It also probably doesn't help that Tashiro (16-26) hasn't done that much better than Ohya (13-24).


...The Nippon Ham Fighters / Seibu Lions game at Kushiro was called after a half inning of play.

...The Orix Buffaloes / Rakuten Eagles game at Kleenex Stadium was rained out. Incidentally, it is the second Mamoru Kishida start to be rained out this month.