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Fresh All-Star Game 2009 Starting Line-ups

by on Jul.22, 2009 @ 8:22 am, under NPB

The starting line-ups for tomorrow's Fresh All-Star Game have been announced.

Easter League
Visiting Team (Third Base Side)

Kenji Tsuchiya (HAM) 5-4, 4.81 ERA

  Pos Name Team Uni PA BA/SLG/OBP
1 CF Keijiro Matsumoto YOK 6 170 .263/.375/.323
2 RF Itaru Hashimoto YOM 94 297 .250/.362/.316
3 SS Taishi Ohta YOM 55 267 .232/.382/.255
4 1B Sho Nakata HAM 6 276 .304/.616/.344
5 DH Takumi Kobe LOT 55 207 .246/.497/.338
6 LF Katsuya Kakunaka LOT 61 149 .303/.492/.374
7 3B Atsushi Kita YOK 43 222 .232/.326/.300
8 C Shota Ohno HAM 28 15 .308/.385/.400
9 2B Hideto Asamura SEI 32 204 .210/.306/.267

Western League
Home Team (First Base Side)

Ikketsu Sho (HAN) 6-1, 1.87 ERA

  Pos Name Team Uni PA BA/SLG/OBP
1 CF Kohei Shibata HAN 2 204 .341/.447/.411
2 SS Tetsuya Tani CHU 36 159 .271/.421/.311
3 LF Hiroyuki Oze ORI 41 79 .479/.620/.526
4 DH Takahiro Iwamoto HIR 10 215 .260/.480/.293
5 C Tsubasa Aizawa HIR 64 122 .374/.589/.451
6 1B Akira Nakamura SOF 60 147 .305/.453/.375
7 RF Ryosuke Hirata CHU 8 98 .315/.584/.378
8 3B Masashi Nohara HAN 37 229 .277/.386/.310
9 2B Tsuyoshi Takashima ORI 38 79 .229/.314/.299

0 comments on “Fresh All-Star Game 2009 Starting Line-ups

  1. Deanna

    Dude, WTF. Kohbe-kun should be 1B and Nakata should be the DH. Seriously. I also don’t entirely get why Ohno-kun is on this roster given he’s been at ichi-gun the entire year, but whatever.

    Western League has a pretty nice lineup there too, what with Oze and Hirata and Iwamoto…

    I went to the Saitama prefectural tournament today, btw — vague upset with Seibo beating Urawa Gakuin. I’m kinda sad that means I can’t follow Uragaku to Koshien this year.

  2. Gwynar

    I was actually a little surprised to see see Nakata at 1B as well, but then I don’t know these Ni-gun players all that well.

    A quick look at the fielding stats does show that Nakata is a better fielder at first. It also shows that Kobe has split time between first and the outfield (about the same number of games).

    Kobe – 27 G, 192 PO, 18 AS, 6 ERR, 7 DP, .972 FPCT
    Nakata – 63 G, 496 PO, 49 AS, 6 ERR, 37 DP, .989 FPCT

  3. Deanna

    Yeah, but watching Kohbe at 1B doesn’t make me want to strangle something, unlike watching Nakata. They do split Kohbe (which is the spelling on his uniform, btw) around quite a bit — he’s 191cm tall and was basically taken by the Marines kind of as a long-term big-dude-power-prospect sort, but sort of like what happened to another 191cm-tall guy Miyade, he doesn’t really have a particular position; he’s adequate but not fantastic wherever they put him. 1B is a good place just because he’s so tall and such a huge target there, though.

    And the thing is, Kohbe’s 4 years older than Nakata… I think what bugs me about Nakata the most is that a 19-year-old kid should not be THAT defensively limited. Nakata can’t even play outfield adequately.

  4. Gwynar

    How do you REALLY feel about Nakata’s defense?

    I almost can’t wait to see what you do when Nakata’s up with the parent club full time and is playing on a regular basis.