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Kevin Mench to return to US to be with wife; career with Hanshin Tigers over?

by on Jul.22, 2009 @ 1:31 am, under NPB

Kevin Mench will be returning to the US to be with his expectant wife in the very near future. And it appears that Mench may also end up leaving the club for good at the same time.

"He said he wants to return home so he can be there for his wife's delivery," said a club rep. "I don't see any need to stop him at this point, we'll let him do as he pleases.

"If he says he doesn't want to return, I don't think we'll force him back either."

If Mench decides he doesn't want to return to the Tigers, that actually works out in favor of the team since it will basically free them from having to pay whatever is remaining on the contract they signed.

The Tigers will now look forward to next season when they will most likely be in the market for a right-handed outfielder.

"We'll start talking about our plans for next season sometime next week. Right now we're look for help at first base and right, so we'll probably start our search for an outfielder."

Incidentally, it appears as though the Tigers' will ask Craig Brazell to return next season.

Source: 虎メンチ、近日中に帰国Â…事実上“戦力外”