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NPB: Katsuya Nomura post-game comments from 7/23/2009

by on Jul.23, 2009 @ 2:45 am, under NPB

Some comments from Katsuya Nomura after last night's game loss against the Softbank Hawks.


(talking about the double play that ended the 6th)

I wasn't expecting that double play... The last thing I even considered, actually happened. I guess you can't just leave it up to chance. When you can push your players, you really need to push them.

(talking about the two strike outs to end the game)
You normally don't expect a fastball in that situation. This team takes things too seriously. All the players do is think about hitting the perfect pitch. They don't know how to read the situations and they don't have a game plan. This isn't about how the players are brought up. It's about the blood running through their veins. All we have are a bunch of A and AB blood types on this team. Players that are all to serious.

Thoughts on the first half...
Didn't we do better than what most expected? I think most analysts pegged us for last. [With his 7 wins] Nagai probably gets the fighting spirit award for pitching. And I really over-evaluated Nori Nakamura and Seguignol.

The key to the second half...
In terms of winning, Iwakuma. If he doesn't do well...