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Kobe 9 Cruise Manager Dismissed

by on Jul.30, 2009 @ 6:36 am, under Independent

The Kobe 9 Cruise dismissed manager Yoshihiro Nakata on the 29th due to differences in how the team should be run. But Nakata apparently hasn't heard anything from the team directly.

I haven't spoken to anyone. I have no idea why they dismissed me...

Club president Kazuya Hirota claims that Nakata didn't cooperate with management and often put practice ahead of team events that were scheduled in an effort to bring in new sponsors. But Nakata thinks otherwise:

I know that the team's in having financial problems. I thought I've been pretty good about having the team ready for any events that management schedules.

Eri Yoshida was also apparently surprised about the decision to dismiss Nakata and wrote in a recent blog entry:

It happened so suddenly, I'm still just really surprised. The managers was just a really big influence for me. Now, and moving forward, I'll continue to trust and respect him.

Former Orix outfielder, Shinichi Murakami, now takes over the team as interim manager.