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Kobe 9 Cruise: It’s getting messy

by on Aug.01, 2009 @ 12:50 am, under Independent

Club president Kazuya Hirota might want to reconsider Yoshihiro Nakata's dismissal.

Apparently Eri Yoshida isn't the only player unhappy about the team's decision to let Nakata go. Four other players (3 position players and 1 pitcher) complained of not feeling well and were not available to play in a game against the Kishu Rangers on Friday.

Four players might not sound like a lot, but then the team is only made up of 19 players -- 8 pitchers and 11 position players. And because 3 of the 4 players that didn't show were position players, interim manager Shinichi Murakami actually had to suit up and play (he was in the starting line-up as the DH and batted 9th).

Suffice to say, the Kobe 9 Cruise ended up losing 9-5.

After the game, the team gathered on the field and held up Nakata's uniform. Each player then took turns with a microphone, asking for Nakata's return. It got so desperate that even Murakami ended up calling for his return.

To make matters worse, only 383 people showed up for the game.

And in the outfield stands hung a banner that said:

We're waiting for you coach Tanaka!