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25th Asian Baseball Championships – Japan Wins

by on Aug.03, 2009 @ 9:09 am, under Other

Japan beat Korea earlier today, 7-1, to take their 17th Asian Baseball Championship.

Hirokazu Sawamura started and tossed 8 innings while giving up a run on 2 hits (he was actually throwing a no-hitter through 5).

Taiwan beat China, 13-1.

Final Standings

County Wins Losses
Japan 3 0
Taiwan 2 1
Korea 1 2
China 0 3

Second Round Awards


Kiyota Ikuhiro (JPN)

Leading Hitter

Kiyota Ikuhiro (JPN)/ 6-for-10

Best Earned Run

Liao Wen Yang (TAI)

Most Strike Outs

Nomura Yusuke (JPN) / 10 K

Most RBIs

Wu Chung Cun (TAI) / 7 RBIs

Most Home Runs

Wu Chung Cun (TAI) / 2 HRs

Fighting Spirit Award

Luo Yobin (CHN)

Best Nine

Pos Player
RHP Tomoyuki Sugano (JPN)
LHP Yoon Ji Woong (KOR)
C Lee Tae Won (KOR)
1B Sasaki Tsutomu (JPN)
2B Kuo Min Jen (TAI)
3B Miyazawa Kentaro (JPN)
SS Lin Han (TAI)
OF Kiyota Ikuhiro (JPN)
OF Wu Chung Chun (TAI)
OF Im Hang Yong (KOR)
DH Lin Hung Yu (TAI)

0 comments on “25th Asian Baseball Championships – Japan Wins

  1. Unregistered

    Dude, Taiwan’s baseball team was fully pro like a few years ago but they deteriorated during the 2004~2008 period. Now they’re back in action! Read ur baseball history books and u’ll know. top 4 baseball teams in teh world 1) Cuba 2) Japan 3) Korea 4) Taiwan 5) U.S>. They got a silver in teh Barcelona Olympics and came 4th for most of the pervious olympics man. And the asian championships…taiwan’s usually in the top 3 (they came 2nd in 2006).

    This is the usual historic trend:
    Cuba owns everyone usually.
    Taiwan usually def Korea.
    Korea usually def Japan.
    Japan usually def Taiwan.

    The U.S, netherlands, canada, china etc r like down at the bottom.
    btw China beating Taiwan in the 2008 olympics was due to schedule rigging by the Olympics host (China). They onyl got like a few hours slp!

    Just to make a point

  2. Gwynar

    Actually, the current rankings (according to the IBAF) are as follows:

    1. Cuba
    2. Korea
    3. Japan
    4. US
    5. Taiwan

    You can see the full list here.