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Sendai Big 6 2009 Hawaii Rosters

by on Aug.04, 2009 @ 1:54 pm, under College

Here is the roster that the Sendai Big 6 will be sending to Hawaii for games between August 6th and 9th.

I'm not 100% on all the names on this list (have a tough time with reading Kanji names at times) so if you find any mistakes, please drop me a line.

Position Name University
Club Leader Akira Kobama Tohoku Gakuin University
General Manager Akio Sugamoto Tohoku Fukushi University
Manager Sanae Obata Tohoku Institute of Technology
Coach Yoshitaka Morimoto Sendai University
Coach Tokuo Sugai Tohoku Gakuin University

Position Player University Year
Pitcher Junki Ohmori Sendai University 4th
Pitcher Yuta Kuwazuru Tohoku Fukushi University 3rd
Pitcher Kazushige Moriyama Tohoku Fukushi University 3rd
Pitcher Taichi Ishiyama Tohoku Fukushi University 3rd
Pitcher Hirofumi Abe Tohoku Gakuin University 3rd
Pitcher Hiroki Goto Tohoku Institute of Technology 3rd
Catcher Kazuki Hirano Tohoku Fukushi University 3rd
Catcher Kyosuke Segawa (?) Tohoku Gakuin University 2nd
1B Yuta Shimazaki Tohoku University 4th
1B Yuki Takahashi Miyagi University of Education 2nd
2B Ryosuke Abuta Tohoku Fukushi University 2nd
2B Kota Sasaki (?) Tohoku Institute of Technology 2nd
3B Hiroki Funada Tohoku Fukushi University 4th
3B Shunzo Yasuda (?) Sendai University 4th
SS Hirotaro Komori (?) Tohoku Gakuin University 4th
SS Kengo Yajima (?) Sendai University 3rd
OF Takayuki Sato Tohoku Fukushi University 4th
OF Sho Naruse Tohoku Gakuin University 4th
OF Shinjiro Tanoue(?) Sendai University 4th
OF Mistuhiro Takashima (?) Sendai University 2nd
OF Ryo Sato Sendai University 2nd
OF Kazuaki Wada Tohoku University 4th