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Kansai Independent League: Pay Cuts Abound

by on Aug.07, 2009 @ 2:19 am, under Independent

Of the four team in the Kansai Independent League, two will undergo fairly significant pay cuts, starting this month. Osaka players will be getting a 50% pay cut while Kishu players will be receiving a 30% cut in pay.

All four teams were originally paying their players about 200,000yen (~US$2,000) a month in guaranteed salary, but due to problems with league funding, each team only has about 120M yen (~US$1.2M) for the entire year, but both Osaka and Kishu are expecting something much lower.

Working out a simple calculation for Osaka's 22 players:

22 x 200,000yen = 4.4M yen / month in player salaries

4M yen x 12 months = 52.8M yen / year in player salaries

There's probably more to it than that, but that would be a rough estimate. And that's only player salaries. It doesn't include salaries for the 4 coaches, trainer, and other employees. And since I'm guessing Osaka rents their stadium, it doesn't include the cost for that either.

Tough times ahead for the Kansai Independent League.