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Kansai Independent League: Osaka to get some financial help

by on Aug.11, 2009 @ 3:05 am, under Independent

Osaka announced on Monday that the league will be providing them with some financial relief after they announced that they were going to slash player salaries by 50%. The ball club has already cut salaries in half for all players earning 200,000yen per month.

Osaka said that it will use the money they receive from the league to pay their players.

Osaka club rep Urano said, "Despite making cut backs and finding additional sponsor, we're still projecting to be 18Myen (US$180,000) in the red. Because of this, we sought help from the league."

In addition to this:

  • Current league director Takeshi Kimura has stepped down and Keiichiro Kabeya has taken over. Kimura wants to focus his attention on his own team's baseball operations.
  • The Kansai Independent League offices will be renamed The Kansai - Tokai League. The league is apparently taking suggestions on what to name the actual league.