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Bobby to return to the Majors next year?

by on Aug.16, 2009 @ 3:13 am, under NPB

MLB.com is carrying an article on Bobby possibly returning to the Majors next season.


With his tenure in Japan about to come to an end, Bobby Valentine is looking for a new challenge. After six seasons managing the Chiba Lotte Marines of Japan's Pacific League, the former skipper of the Rangers and Mets would love to return to the Major Leagues next season.

It doesn't appear as though the Mets will be an option though.


"No, no, not here," Minaya said. "I'm very happy with Jerry Manuel. That's not even a consideration."

Not even as a consultant?

"The way my staff is set up now, I don't see that happening, no," Minaya said.

I'm still holding out hope that Valentine decides to stick around in Japan and take up a managerial job elsewhere in the league. Unfortunately, this article doesn't really do much to affirm that chance.

How sad.

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  1. westbaystars

    Of course it does nothing to affirm the chances of Bobby staying in Japan next year. It’s an MLB reporter. While this guy’s done more than most in checking out the situation in Japan, he still suffers from thinking that the MLB is the ultimate goal of everyone. Bobby and his staff would very much like to remain in Japan.

    Overall, though, I think they guy gets Valentine right – he wants to do everything, which encompasses the job of GM, field manager, head scout, etc.

    I’m hoping that the recent front office changes in Yokohama are an indication that they’re interested.