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An update on the Kansai University blackmail scandal; won’t play Fall League

by on Aug.18, 2009 @ 3:46 pm, under College

Sponchi reported on the 17th that the police searched the team's clubhouse for any clues that might help reveal more information about the case.

The article also mentions that Hiroyuki Kurioka apparently quit the baseball team after his arrest.

And on Tuesday, two additional players were arrested: Ryo Tennojiya and Masaya Senuki. The two were charged with destroying evidence connected to the case.

Senuki has admitted that there was a bank book and that Kurioka spoke to Tennojiya about getting rid of a bank book. Tennojiya, however, does not "remember anything specific."

The police didn't find anything in their search of the team's clubhouse.


The decision on whether or not to allow Kansai University to compete in the Fall League will be announced on the 28th.

Kansai University officials continue their own internal investigations and have extended the suspension of team activities (practice and exhibition games) until the 28th.

Hideo Tosa's resignation as manager of the team was accepted (filed on the 15th) and the interim manager will be Kenji Kinoshita (coach).

=== Update on 8/19 @ 4:48pm JST

Sanspo reports that Kansai University officials have decided not to participate in the Fall League that begins on the 29th. The Kansai Big 6 League will not try to find a replacement and will just play out the Fall schedule with 5 teams.

=== Update on 8/21 @ 4:09pm JST

The Kansai Big 6 put their stamp of approved of Kansai University's decision to bow out of the Fall League on Thursday.

The 2009 Fall League schedule was released on Thursday and of course only includes games featuring Ritsumei, Kinki, Doshisha, Kyoto, and Kwansei Universities.

=== Update on 8/28 @ 5:21pm JST

University officials announced that the suspension of all baseball activities has been extended until September 20th. Depending on how things turn out with the investigations, the suspension could be extended again.

Officials have also acknowledged that they received a request from the baseball team about volunteering their time at the Fall Leagues as part of their punishment.

=== Update on 8/30 @ 3:33pm JST

The Kansai Big 6, er 5, kicked off with opening ceremonies on Satuday. There was an open spot on the fielding during the ceremonies where Kanasi University players may have been standing had the team not bowed out of the league.

This marks the first time the league will only have 5 university team since the league was restructured in 1982.

=== Update on 9/1 @ 4:12am JST

According to Sponichi, Hiroyuki Kurioka was indicted with charges of attempted blackmailHiroki Akiya (an accomplice) was also indicted on the same charges.