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54th Annual High School Rubber Baseball Tournament: Higashiyama beats Koryo in 24

by on Aug.27, 2009 @ 7:46 am, under High School

In a quarterfinals game featuring Kobe Koryo High School and Higashiyama High School, both schools went through 9 innings without scoring a single run. The game continued into extra innings and was finally suspended after 15.

Both starting pitchers apparently tossed all 15 innings:

  • Koryo's Hashimoto (橋本宏樹) 206 pitches
  • Higashiyama's Morimoto (森本文也) 194 pitches including 19 strike outs

The game will resume Friday (8/28) at 10am.

=== Update on 8/28 @ 5:28pm JST

Higashiyama ended up winning the game in the 24th inning after Koryo's Hashimoto loaded the bases with 1 out and walked in the game-winning run.

Hashimoto tossed a total 334 pitches between yesterday and today.

Morimoto tossed a total 282 pitches and struck out 23 batters.