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Osamu Higashio to take over Eagles next season?

by on Sep.01, 2009 @ 6:02 am, under NPB

I just switched on the TV and caught tail end of it.  Apparently one of the morning sports papers is claiming that the Eagles have decided on Osamu Higashio to replace Katsuya Nomura next season.

If this is true, shame on Rakuten for letting this leak out now...

...in the middle of a pennant race...

And what would the front office do, if by some amazing freak of nature happening, with pigs flying and hell freezing over, the Eagles somehow won the PL and went on to win the Nihon Series?

Ok, highly unlikely, but what if?

I'm hoping that the Eagles just didn't pull a "Bobby."

(I'll add the source once I get it and I'll try to get a confirmation on this as well.)