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Masanori Murakami: Get thee to an MLB team

by on Sep.02, 2009 @ 2:16 pm, under Other

Masanori Murakami (first Japanese player to ever play in the MLB - San Francisco Giants 1964-65) offers his advice to aspiring Japanese baseball players through a recent Reuters article.

"Baseball players should choose the best place to compete and now that is MLB. They shouldn't think about loyalty to a Japanese team," he said late on Tuesday an event to mark the anniversary.

"Baseball is a business and players should get as much in salary as they can, as interest in their skills rapidly fades."

He also seems to believe that Yu Darvish will end up going to the Majors in a few years (or at least, it seems implied).  I think I'll have to agree with that.

At some point, the Fighters aren't going to be able to afford his salary. And there probably aren't too many teams out there that can afford his salary once he outgrows the Fighters, except for maybe the Giants or Tigers. And then it becomes a question of whether he minds taking a cut to stay with the Fighters; and if not that, then whether or not he wants to stay in Japan enough to join the Giants and Tigers. That's not a knock against either of those teams, but I know some people aren't too fond of either team.  Whether or not Darvish is one of them, I have no idea.