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Around the NPB Horn: Japan Korea Championship to take place on 11/14

by on Sep.08, 2009 @ 11:29 am, under NPB

...The NPB announced that Japan - Korea Championship will take place on November 14th in Nagasaki. The two sides will meet in Seoul, Korea on the 14th to flesh out the final details and make it official.

Taiwan continues to push hard on the Asia Series and would like all the teams to consider what should be done with the league moving forward.  Reps from the four Asia baseball leagues are set to meet on the 28th to further discuss the future of the Asia Series.

...The NPB announced that the league will suffer it's second straight year of being in the red next year.

With price decreases in broadcast rights for the Nihon Series, among other things, the league expects about 40B yen in revenue (a drop of about 1.6B yen from the previous year). All of that will mean the league will likely be about 3B yen in the red.

...The Central League announced that they will ban the transmission of signs for pitch types and locations from the dugout, coaches, base runners, and scorers after several grievances were filed by CL teams about base coaches trying to steal pitch signs.

The Pacific League passed a set of rules for this in 1999 and the Central League will now take on a similar set of rules.

The rules go into effect on the 8th and players, coaches, and/or personnel caught breaking the rules could be punished with a warning, a suspension from work duties, or a suspension from the active roster.