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High School Baseball News from 9/11/2009

by on Sep.12, 2009 @ 5:43 am, under High School

The Japan High School Baseball Association announced on Friday that the 82nd Annual National High School Baseball Invitational will begin on March 21st next year and last 12 days; 32 teams will be eligible for the event; and as usual, it will take place at Koshien Stadium.

The school selection process will begin on January 29th, 2010 and the brackets will be created on March 13th.

Of the 32 teams eligible for the event:

28 will be from the regular school: Hokkaido (1), Tohoku (2), Kanto / Tokyo (6), Hokushinetsu (2), Tokai (2), Kinki (6), Chugoku / Shikoku (5), and Kyushu (4).

3 will be "21st Century" schools (1 from East Japan, 1 from West Japan, and the remaining spot from anywhere in Japan)

1 will be from the Jingu Tournament


A second year student on the Tenri High School baseball team was arrested on charges of indecent assault.  The 17-year-old student allegedly tried to grab hold of and fondle a 27-year-old female physician on her way home at about 8:45pm on August 30th.

On September 2nd, the woman spotted the student at a parking lot and the police were able to identify the student from security camera footage.  The student has apparently confessed to most of the charges.

While the student is a member of the Tenri High School baseball team, he was not part of the active roster during this summer's Koshien.


Takayasu Okushima, chairman of the Japan High School Baseball Federation, is asking that participating schools set aside 2 hours to help clean areas around their school campuses. Not only would starting projects like this help clean-up towns and cities across the nation, but it would also foster a tighter bond between schools and citizens as they work together to keep neighborhoods clean.