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Kobe 9 Cruise decides to pay its players through October

by on Sep.12, 2009 @ 2:56 pm, under Independent

I find it extremely interesting how the headlines always seem to attach Eri Yoshida's name whenever there's a story about the Kobe 9 Cruise.

For example, Sanpo has this story entitled:


Which basically translates to:

Kobe, the team Eri-chan is on, has decided to pay players based on original contracts

And Sponichi's headline goes:


Which is:

Eri-chan is relieved... Kobe will pay players based on original contracts

I guess that's just an indication of how important Yoshida is to the team, in terms "nationwide brand recognition."

In any case, to the story at hand...

It appears as though the Kobe 9 Cruise will now be paying all their players through to October.  Salary payments might be a bit delayed, but otherwise the club has decided to honor all original contracts.

I'm sure this makes the players happy.  But I wonder just how much in the red Kobe is going to be after this season and whether or not it'll ever be possible for them to pull down a profit.