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Some housekeeping

by on Sep.12, 2009 @ 5:52 pm, under Site Updates

I decided to move the roster updates off the top page of the site in order to keep the news updates showing for a longer period of time.  You can now access the last 10 roster updates via the right sidebar.  You can also view all of them by visiting the Roster Updates category of the site (you can find the link to this category in the right sidebar in the "Various Handy Posts" block).

I may also end up doing this with the game summaries, although I'm still not 100%.  If anyone has any thoughts on how I can organize the information so that it's easier to find / read, please let me know.

4 comments on “Some housekeeping

  1. Bill

    The roster updates having their own area is good. Personally, I like having the game summaries right where they are, in their with the other news posts, just my preference. The new site is really cool.

  2. Gen Post author

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’ll probably leave things as is for the time being. Just moving the roster updates from the top page has actually helped clear things up a bit.

  3. Mike

    I also like having the roster updates on the side now. I tend to agree with Bill that the summaries are probably better in the general area, but I could see the benefit of them having their own section as well.

  4. Gen Post author

    I used to have a way to easily access the game summaries on the old site. Maybe I’ll re-implement that here.

    Thanks for the suggestion Mike.

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