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Looks like there are some Kikuchi fans in Texas

by on Sep.14, 2009 @ 11:15 am, under High School

Perhaps this has already been pointed out by someone, but while watching the game 2 of the Marines - Texas game on BS1, I noticed a few guys in orange shirts holding up a sign.

Come to Texas Kikuchi!

Come to Texas Kikuchi!

It may be hard to see in the image (sorry, I only had access to a camera but I am trying to get a better image), but it says:


I can't really make out what it says under that, but the phrase above basically translates to:

Hey Kikuchi, come to Texas!!

It's too bad they didn't have seats on the first base side of home plate because the sign was getting cut off most of the time because the camera is slightly on the third base side.

2 comments on “Looks like there are some Kikuchi fans in Texas

  1. Deanna

    That is really really really really really crazy.

    What a long way we have come since the days when I lived in Seattle and saw a bunch of people in the outfield at Safeco with a banner saying “~長崎県から来ました~城島健司応援会~”

    Now instead of “We’re a Johjima cheering group who came here from Nagasaki,” it’s become “We’re a Kikuchi cheering group in Texas, COME HERE DAMMIT”?

    I’d think this should show up in the Japanese sports news soon enough though, wouldn’t it?

  2. Gen Post author

    I actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if this didn’t come out in the Japanese media.

    …but maybe that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me talking. :p

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