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Kikuchi News from September 15, 2009

by on Sep.15, 2009 @ 10:56 am, under High School

Yusei Kikuchi made an appearance on a local TV program in Iwate with his manager and his team mates.  When Kikuchi was asked what his goals were, he wrote "The Majors Leagues."

"I want to play in the world's best [league]," said Kikuchi.  "I'll listen to what my coach and parents say...  But this is my life and this is something I need to decide."

Kikuchi will likely have a sit-down with his manager at some point either today or within the next few days.

As for his back, Kikuchi said that he should be able to pitch during the upcoming National Athletic Tournament.

2 comments on “Kikuchi News from September 15, 2009

  1. Cavity_Dog

    I’m glad to hear it, but I’d guess there’s going to be repurcussions for this. It’s one thing for a Junichi Tazawa to jump, but Kikuchi is a much bigger prospect from what I’ve read..

  2. Gen Post author

    No doubt. And I cringe at what this might do to the NPB in terms of coming up with rules designed to try and circumvent players from leaving.

    I think the NPB needs to come to terms with the idea that players will leave.

    Instead of focusing how to keep players from leaving, they should focus on how to make the league better and therefore make them want to stay.

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