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Some High School and College Baseball News from 9/16/2009

by on Sep.16, 2009 @ 3:46 pm, under College, High School

High School

...7 third-year members of the Sakata Minami High School baseball team were found to be drinking alcoholic beverages in their dorm rooms.

An anonymous tipster placed a call to the school's manager to inform him that seven students had been drinking in their dorm rooms: 3 members on the 19th and the same 3 members plus 4 others on the 21st. The manager confronted the 7 players and they admitted to drinking.  Included in the 7 players are members that were on the roster at the Koshien.

The Japan High School Baseball Federation will decide on a punishment at a council meeting on the 16th.

...The Yanagigaura High School baseball team was involved in a bus accident on July 11th.  The accident left one member of the baseball team dead and 42 other injured.  It was revealed on 9/15 that the bus was likely traveling anywhere from 80-90km/h (50-56mph) at a curve where it flipped.  The speed limit for the curve is listed at 40km/h.


...Kansai University announced on today that their baseball club will restart baseball operations on the 21st.  Club operations were suspended on the 5th after a player on the team was arrested under suspicion of blackmail.