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Data Stadium breaks down Shinji Takahashi

by on Sep.25, 2009 @ 4:38 pm, under NPB

Data Stadium is running a break down on Shinji Takahashi's current season.  In looking at the numbers, it appears Takahashi has increased his ability to hit pitches down in the zone back up the middle.  And while he's still pulling the ball quite a bit, the fact that he's going up the middle more means he's staying back in the box longer, which should mean he's getting a slightly better look at pitches.

I've taken the liberty to translate the tables they have up:

Horizontal Strike Zone

Year Outside Middle Inside
2008 .312 .214 .324
2009 .312 .337 .290

Vertical Strke Zone

Year High Middle Low
2008 .314 .350 .224
2009 .265 .380 .298

Hit locations

Year Left Center Right
2008 43% 27% 29%
2009 39% 39% 22%

Hit locations for pitches down

Year Left Center Right
2008 53% 15% 32%
2009 28% 56% 15%

The only thing that's really missing from these charts is more information on the break downs (like in how many at bats).

BTW: for those that don't know, Data Stadium is the company that keeps track of all the stats for the NPB.  What I would give to see all the information they have stored away on their servers...