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Some More High School / College Players File

by on Sep.25, 2009 @ 1:42 am, under High School

A list of some high school players that have filed:

Kenta Imamiya (今宮健太) out of Meiho.  Righty pitcher that tops out at 154km/h.  Also hit 62 career high school home runs.

Hayato Shoji (庄司隼人) out of Tokoha Tachibana. Righty pitcher that tops out at 147km/h.

Takumi Akiyama (秋山拓巳) out of Saijo.  Righty pitcher that tops out at 150km/h.  Has hit a career high 48 home runs during his high school career.

Genki Kawano (河野元貴) out of Kyushu Kokusai.  A catcher with a strong arm.  Has power.


College players that have filed:

Kazuhito Futagami (二神一人) out of Hosei.  A steady righty that can hit 150km/h.  10 NPB teams have shown interest in him.

Masanori Fujihara (藤原正典) out of Ritsumei.  A lefty that most of the teams in the NPB have show interest in.  He can throw a fastball, slider, and fork.

Hisashi Takeuchi (武内久士) out of Hosei.  A righty pitcher that can touch 154km/h.  He was injured in and didn't make any starts during Spring camp.

Daisuke Sobue (祖父江大輔) out of Aichi.  A righty pitcher can tough 152km/h.  Good movement on his slider.