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Fuji Sports: Katsuya Nomura Interview

by on Sep.27, 2009 @ 3:52 am, under NPB

Fuji Sports caught up with Katsuya Nomura after the game for an interview.

- Nomura said that the game was too long.  He also thought that once the Lions took a 4-0 lead, he thought the game was over for the Eagles.  Especially with the way the current rotation is set, he wasn't necessarily expecting an easy win against the Seibu Lions using Aoyama.

- When the Eagles scored 2 runs in the top of the 5th, Nomura was about to step out for a bathroom break...

"The next batter was Nakatani and I'm almost 100% not counting on him for anything.  And I thought it'd be safe to go to the bathroom still down by 2 runs.  So as I'm about to get up and go, the bench goes crazy and I turn around and shout out, 'What just happened!' Baseball is such an unpredictable sport.  An unpredictable player hits an unpredictable home run."

- Nomura went on to say that people should only tell him about the Eagles' Magic Number when it hits 1.

- The interviewers then present Nomura with a list of 6 questions with yes or no answers.

Are you surprised about the Eagles' third place standing?  Yes

In early August the team was in 4th place, 5.5 games behind third, did you think this year was over?  Yes

Do you feel as if "Nomura Baseball" is catching on within the team?  Yes

If possible, you'd rather not complain after the game.  Yes

You're the sole reason for Rakuten's success?  No

Do you want to be thrown up in the air one last time?  Yes

On the question about not wanting to complain after the game:

"If you take the complaints away from me, I have nothing.  My complaining is a sign of my health. ... Do you know why I complain?  It's because I'm always look for perfection.  I'm always striving for perfection.  But of course reality is never near perfection. It's that area in between the two that's fodder for my complaints."

On the question about being thrown up in the air one last time:

"My death bed is being thrown up in the air. ... They throw me up and when they put me down, my deathbed.  <laughter ensues> That would be great. ... I think an ending like that would be ok. Something like that would certainly make it a memorable event. ... If you remove baseball from me, you have nothing left."

This was followed up by the question of what it feels like to be thrown up in the air as the winning manager:

"It's a great feeling.  I've been thrown up in the air a couple of times in the past.  'Throw me up higher!  Higher!,' I'd say...  'Throw me up to heaven!' ... But the players, they tell me I need to lose weight or else they won't be able to throw me up in the air.

"Last year, when Seibu won and Watanabe was throw up into the air.  He's 100, over 100kg.  The players were all tired out after they threw him up.  He was so heavy they couldn't lift him up very easily."

- The interview closed with the following question: you goal for the rest of the season?

"It goes without saying...  A class.  <laughter>"

When asked why he started laughing:


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