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Some more Yusei Kikuchi News and Notes from September 29th, 2009

by on Sep.29, 2009 @ 2:23 pm, under High School

Some Yusei Kikuchi coverage.


From Sanspo:

Kikuchi on his appearance yesterday, "It was great to be able to really air out the arm.  I even let out a shout when I faced Dobayashi-kun."

Kikuchi on when he started throwing again, "I really started throwing at 100% about 2-3 days ago."

There were scouts from MLB teams like the Dodgers, Mets and Cubs (8 in all).


From Sponichi:

...Kikuchi did not make a pitching appearance on the 29th but did appear in the game as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 9th and lined out to the short stop.  Hanamaki Higashi fell to Miyakonojo, 3-2.

...If Kikuchi ends up deciding he wants to go to the Majors, it could create some problems for teams during this year's amateur draft.

"This will have an effect not only on teams that are targeting Kikuchi, but also teams that are targeting other players," said Fighters Director of Scouting Ohbuchi.

In a draft year where some consider Kikuchi as the top prospect, many teams other than the Giants have considered going with Kikuchi as their number 1 pick.  Still, there will likely be other teams that will use this situation to go after other "forgotten gems" like Kazuhito Futagami and Takeru Imamura.  If Kikuchi really decides he wants to go the Majors, that may scare off a bunch of team and causing a number of them to redirect their focus on players like Futagami and Imamura.

...The MLB scouts are apparently in "本気モード" (honki-mode, or serious mode) because they all sat separate from each other when they usually tend to sit in groups so that they can share notes while they watch.

"We can't comment on special players we're targeting," said Steve Wilson, Pacific Rim scout for the Chicago Cubs.

...Shota Dobayashi hopes Kikuchi stays in the Japan so that they'll have a chance to face each other again.

"I want to look forward to the day that we face each other again in the pros."