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Quotes from Kazuyoshi Tatsunami’s Press Conference

by on Sep.30, 2009 @ 8:11 pm, under NPB

Your reasons for retirement?

I've been a regular for quite some time now, and my ideal condition includes being able to run, hit, and take the field.  My fielding and running skills have dropped off a bit and I thought it was about time to call it quits.  I couldn't put up solid numbers last season and I was feeling mentally drained so I thought it was time.

On doing well this season...

I don't really think I'm hitting all that well.  In any case, I decided that I would play my hardest the whole season and regardless of the results, good or bad, my decision won't change.

On looking back over a 22-year career...

If there's one thing I can say, I've never once lost the desire to win.  I'm surprised I've been able to play this long with this body.

Your most treasured memory?

I got hurt during my second year and then hit a home run in the first game of the year in my third season.  I didn't realize just how great Ichi-gun was until that moment.  I worked hard to rehab my injury and then came back with a home run...  I almost teared up while I was rounding the bases.

Your plans for after retirement?

I haven't made any decisions yet.  I want to look around and get better idea of what my options are.  I'm really grateful to the fans for their support over my 22-year career that I want to work on figuring out a way to give back to them.

Sanspo 9/30/2009