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Some more Eri Yoshida updates from October 2nd, 2009

by on Oct.02, 2009 @ 2:31 pm, under Independent

Some more Eri Yoshida news...


Reactions from two other Independent League teams:

The Kagawa Olive Guyners out of the Shikoku - Kyushu Island League don't appear very interested in Eri as team GM Tokutaka Kitsumoto said, "Our goal is to get players ready for the NPB.  We have not even considered women players at this point."

The Toyama Thunderbirds out of the Baseball Challenge League, however, felt the complete opposite.  The Operations Department Chief   said, "Our club doesn't really care about the sex or race of the players."


On your last appearance...

I didn't really consider it my last, I just took the mound as usual. I'm the type of pitcher that goes for ground balls so it was great that the infielders and outfielders played as one.

On taking pictures with your teammates...

Not everyone is going to be here with the team next season, and so this might be the last time we're all wearing the same uniform.  We've all been through a lot and they've been really supportive...  And so I wanted to capture my important friends in photos."

What does the Kobe team mean to?

I can't really describe them it in words.  They mean a lot me.  And I'd like to think that I've come this far because I was able to meet these people.

Anything you'd like to say to the fans?

I think I've caused them a lot of concern so I'd like to pay them back by working hard in baseball.  And I hope that I can continue to count on their support.