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Katsuya Nomura in 2010?

by on Oct.04, 2009 @ 5:35 am, under NPB

Rakuten Eagles Club Rep Yoneda had this to say about the team:

To go from a team that had nothing 5 years ago to what they have accomplished now...  It just shows you how hard the manager, coaches, and other staff members have worked.

When asked about the team's plan for manager next season:

No comment.

The closer Nomura gets to winning it all, the harder it will be for the Eagles to let him go (and moreso since he's stated time and time again that he wants to continue managing).

IMHO: just give Nomura an extension and let him play out the rest of his managing career with the Eagles.  The fans love him and I think the players have finally learned how to play under him.  Taking him out of the equation now seems like it'll just rewind the clock on what the team has accomplished up to now.

One comment on “Katsuya Nomura in 2010?

  1. Andrew

    As I’ve stated before I think it would be a huge step backwards if somebody new took over the Eagles. Chemistry can be really difficult to regain once it’s lost, and Nomu-san seems to really have everyone on the same page. It’s a little late now, but perhaps we (the fans) should’ve started our own public campaign to keep Nomura, much like the Marines fans did.

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