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Marty Brown: the next Eagles Manager?

by on Oct.05, 2009 @ 11:10 pm, under NPB

Not much has recently been mentioned about who will take over for the team next season...  Until today.

At one point earlier on in the year, there were rumors that Osamu Higashio was a strong candidate to replace Katsuya Nomura as the new face of the Eagles in 2010.  But at 59 years of age, he actually would only be about 15 years younger than Nomura.

And so the front office started looking around for younger alternatives.  And I guess when it became official that Marty Brown wasn't going to be around in Hiroshima for the 2010 season, they turned their sights toward the 46 year-old-manager.

According to Nikkan Sports, the Eagles were actually fairly certain about hiring Higashio to be their next manager and had already begun making preparations for his arrival.  But sometime in late September (the article mentions the 25th), ownership suddenly switched gears and asked that the team look into other options.

In Brown, the Eagles apparently feel they can get a manager that's not only much younger than Nomura, but also perhaps just as dynamic.

IMHO, Brown i's definitely an upgrade over Higasahio, but he's still no Nomura.  And while I have nothing against Brown, but if the team really wants a young manager, why not Atsuya Furuta?  Now he'd be an interesting option.

9 comments on “Marty Brown: the next Eagles Manager?

  1. Andrew

    I simply can’t understand why management is so set on not resigning Nomura during their most successful season ever. Especially with Japan’s rapidly aging population, Nomura is a beacon of hope and inspiration to other older people that it is possible to be an active participant in society at an advanced age. Ability over age! Breaking down these and other stereotypes so prevalent in Japanese society will take decades to change I’m afraid…

    1. Gen Post author

      heh… He’s the poster child for the aging population in Japan.

      Seriously though, the further he gets into the post-season, the increasingly more difficult it’s going to be to let him go.

      Imagine, for a moment, if he were to win it all…

  2. Andrew

    On the other hand, having an English speaking manager might make it a little easier to gain access for English based NPB websites :P

  3. Ken D.

    First, let me say I love the site and appreciate what people like you, Denna, Westbay, etc. do to bring the game to us fans overseas.

    The scenario of Brown as a candidate for the job in Sendai played out in my mind earlier this month, but I never really imagined it to be considered.

    While Brown-kantoku doesn’t have the most stellar W-L record over the last 4 seasons, I also feel that he was somewhat hampered in his ability to succeed…namely he didn’t seem to have much of a lineup to work with, at least compared to other CL teams. At least that’s my impression. And not high quality foreign help either…

    I would like to see Marty given a chance elsewhere…if only since an improved team and a change of scenery might do wonders for him. He’s been close the last two seasons and has certainly been dedicated to his players, fans, and Japan in general.

    1. Gen Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Ken D. I’m glad that you you’re finding the information here useful. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what I do is actually worth my time since I don’t get too many people posting comments, so whenever I hear from people like yourself, it provides me with incentive to keep going.

      As for Brown becoming the next Eagles’ manager… It certainly makes much more sense that Higashio. Whoever replaces Nomura is going to have really big shoes to fill and I was never really convinced that Higashio was someone that could do that.

      Short of signing Nomura to another extension, Brown might be the next best realistic choice out there.

  4. Omar

    While I agree that Nomura should stay because of the job he did (coming from a Lions fan like myself that was hard to type), I could see management’s side as well.

    If Nomura stays and take the team to the playoffs next year and then the following year, it will be harder to let him go. Next thing you know he will near 80 and it would not look good to fire a manager at that age with the success. (Then again, the Yankees in 1960 fired Casey Stengel at 70 despite of all of his success, so who knows?)

    Anyway, this is the best website out there covering NPB. Keep up the great work, Gen.


  5. muratafan

    Oh my gosh, this SITE ROCKS! It has taken the place of the dearly loved japanesebaseballdaily.com that Gary Garland (I think) maintains. I visit this site daily – if not more during a more boring workday.

    A wonderful, wonderful site. Thank you so much!

    P.S. – my favorite NPB team is the Rakuten Eagles and given their low-profile, thi site (and the EaglesDare blogspot) are life-savers! Keep up the great work and even if you don’t, thanks for all of your work thus far!

  6. Andrew

    I agree with everyone here that this is the best English NPB site in the world! If Gen were ever to stop this site… I think I’d cry because I’d be forced to study more Kanji to read the Japanese sites!

    Keep up the good work, I’m sure there are plenty more people that read your site everyday but never bother to comment! (Um, that’s supposed to be a compliment haha)

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