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Eagles to announce the end of Katsuya Nomura’s run as manager?

by on Oct.06, 2009 @ 11:00 pm, under NPB

Daily Sports Online is reporting that the Eagles plan on making an official announcement regarding the end of Katsuya Nomura's tenure with the Eagles at some point in the near future.

Yukan Fuji / zakzak (a gossip mag) mentions that Marty Brown's name was being whispered around in the clubhouse for about a week now and that it was only a matter of time that the name also made it's way to the papers.

The article also boils down the Eagles' reason to picking Brown to two reasons:

  1. He'll come cheap.  According to Yukan Fuji (and a couple of other sources), Brown will likely cost about 400M yen a season.  In comparison, Nomura will probably set the team back 1.5M yen.  The article also mentions Brown's Japanese wife as a potential reason for Brown taking any job that comes his way.
  2. He won't know any better.  Because of the language gap, Brown won't be as susceptible to the media barrage that's likely to hit any manager that replaces Nomura.  In other words, the Eagles likely realize that the first manager that steps in to replace Nomura isn't going to have an easy time and a foreigner will likely be naturally suited towards being able to ignore the media frenzy.  It also means that the Eagles probably have another "real" plan that they'll execute in 1-2 years, just long enough for the Nomura effect to wear off.

I don't know if I buy 100% of what Yukan Fuji is selling, but some of it does make some sense.

I too believe that the first manager that steps in to replace Nomura will be in a can't-win situation.  Especially since Nomura's being ousted against his will.  And in that sense, it might make sense for the team to find someone that can steer the team for a year or two while the Nomura effect blows over.  Whether or not Brown really fits that description, I'm not really sure.  But whatever the case, I'd really hate to be the first manager to step in after Nomura.