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Japanese Baseball Players and Female TV Announcers

by on Oct.06, 2009 @ 8:37 am, under NPB

What is it with female TV announcers and baseball players?

Seiichi Uchikawa is reportedly in a serious relationship with Fuji TV Announcer Tsubasa Nagano.  The two met each other in March when Nagano did a story on the WBC team and interviewed Uchikawa for a report.

It was also reportedly earlier that Norichika Aoki will be marrying TV Tokyo Announcer Sachi Ohtake.

Other notable players that have married TV Announcers:

Ichiro Suzuki is married Yumiko Fukushima (TBS)
Daisuke Matsuzaka is married Tomoyo Shibata (Nippon TV)
Kazuhisa Ishii is married to Ayako Kisa (Fuji TV)
Hideki Okajima is married to Yuka Kurihara (Journalist)

Of course, there's a running joke over here that if you're a woman and want to hook up with a baseball player, you should consider heading into journalism.  The joke goes the other way around as well -- if you're a man and you want to hook up with a TV announcer, you might want consider a career in baseball.

2 comments on “Japanese Baseball Players and Female TV Announcers

  1. Deanna

    Heh, I hope Westbay comments here about when Furuta got married (it’s before my time, but IIRC Miho Nakai was a very popular sports show announcer before they got married, and then she quit, which made a lot of fans sad).

    But yeah, I wonder what the current percentage is of baseball wives who are former announcers, or at least TV stars of some sort. It’s got to be fairly high.

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